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Welcome to The Genetic Sexual Attraction Forums.  Genetic Sexual Attraction or GSA as it is known, is an issue which occurs when long separated relatives are suddenly reunited as adults.  This site is a support site for those who are involved in GSA relationships, those who are having issues resulting from the feelings surrounding GSA or those who are suffering from the aftermath of a GSA relationship.  

It is our goal to not only educate others about GSA and its effect on those involved in the relationships but also to eliminate the irresponsible stigma associated with such relationships.

What is Genetic Sexual Attraction?: Genetic Sexual Attraction also known as GSA, is a phrase popularized by Barbara Gonyo in the 1980’s . Gonyo Founded “Truth Seekers In Adoption,” a Chicago-based support group for adoptees and their new-found relatives after she herself was reunited with her adopted Son and recognized that the feelings she was experiencing were somewhat unusual to say the least. GSA refers to intense sexual desire that can arise between genetically related people are who are united in Adulthood, after having been denied the opportunity to form proper emotional bonds. The phenomenon known as Genetic Sexual Attraction can occur between any pair of close genetic relatives Siblings, and even Parents and their Long lost Children.

Is GSA a Common Phenomenon?: Some studies of GSA suggest that feelings of more than just a familiar level occur in up to 50 percent of all post adoption reunions.  It tends to be prevalent in family relationships where the Westermarck effect has not occurred.

Where are the GSA Forums?: In the coming days, the new Genetic Sexual Attraction Forum will be opened to the public.  Registration is free however, all registrations are screened by our web masters in order to provide our users with an environment free from social harassment and an environment that is supportive and understanding. 

What is in the Forums?: You will find news articles, studies, and information about Genetic Sexual Attraction as well as users points of view of their own GSA related issues and relationships.  It is a place to exchange information and disucss the ramifications and issues surrounding GSA relationships in a respectful, peaceful manner.

Why Start This Site: Support groups have long been used to help people deal with their problems and find solutions. Those dealing with the effects of GSA in their lives need their own support group. We believe that by providing them a an open and free support forum such as this will well serve the GSA community, so that they may freely share their stories without fear of judgment, and find advice and information that will help them manage their relationship no matter in what direction they wish to take it.

What this site is not:  If you are not or have not been in a GSA relationship, have never experienced the feelings of GSA, are not the spouse or close family member of someone going through GSA, are looking to harass people, are the victim of abuse, are underaged, are  disgusted with the thought of relatives being involved in sexually oriented relationships, or just want to fulfill your fantasies or lurid ideas,  then this site is not for you.   This site contains no pornography or any other item of vulgarity.

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